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Terms of Use and Service

Content Licensing
Members/Subscribers of RISMedia’s content platforms, which include RISMedia, RISMedia Content Solutions, RISMedia’s Real Estate Information Network (RREIN), RISMedia’s RREINAgent, RISMedia’s REsource, RISMedia’s ACE, and Pop-A-Note, are permitted to license RISMedia content for reproduction on Member/Subscriber web-based applications, including but not limited to Member/Subscriber website(s), email newsletter(s), blog(s), social media site(s), marketing materials, etc. and print publications. However, Member/Subscriber is strictly prohibited from sublicensing, assigning, transferring, pledging, offering as security, providing access, using or posting RISMedia Content to any third party without express written approval from RISMedia.

In addition member/subscribers must agree to the following conditions:

Article Content - Bylined/Authored Articles
Bylined/authored articles may not under any circumstances be edited, rewritten or altered in any way. You must keep the content in its original form, giving credit to the writer by including the writer’s byline with the article and without adding or deleting words. The only addition that may be included with bylined articles is the tagline that you enter in the space provided under My Account/Settings. If populated this tagline will appear with every article you download or remote publish to your blog through REsource. Editing of bylined articles is an infringement of Federal Copyright Law.

Article Content - Non-bylined Articles
Non-bylined articles may be edited for space; you may add and delete portions of the content, however you may not add your own byline to non-bylined articles, even if you have added in local information or other additional copy. Adding in a quote or a related local statistic is a good way to alter non-bylined articles enough so that they become unique content to your site and as such more SEO-friendly (search engine optimization). Statistics, quotes or brief sections of non-bylined REsource articles may be used for articles bylined/authored by you as supporting information in your story. This is a great way to use REsource content to generate your own unique content.

Video Content
RISMedia makes video code snippets and downloads accessible with its REsource consumer real estate videos for placement on members' websites via the REsource Dashboard. Active paying members in good standing and trial members for the length of their trial membership may place these videos on their website for video display. Once a paying member cancels or becomes not in good standing or a trial membership expires, the member must immediately remove the video code snippet from their website(s). For paying and trial members whose accounts expire who do not remove the video code, a default setting of a REsource advertisement will appear in the video display's place.

All customers have to agree to RISMedia terms of service agreement which specifically protects RISMedia against persons or organizations seeking to download our content and /or video services for free use, past the trial period or for use or past the agreed upon contractual time frame, without payment to RISMedia. Use of RISMedia content and services illegally is piracy of content and illegal protected by U.S. Federal Statutes. Expired customers/members must immediately remove video code snippet from their site, until such snippet is removed, by agreeing to our terms and conditions, the customer gives RISMedia the right to link the code to an advertisement for REsource. This protects RISMedia from acts of content and video piracy. RISMedia strongly encourages expired customers to immediately remove video code snippet from their site.

REsource videos may not be edited, rebranded or altered in any way. RISMedia will be making custom video branding solutions available soon. Contact REsource Customer Support for more information.

Content - General
REsource article and video content will be purchased by other buyers. RISMedia and authors of bylined and non-bylined articles retain the right to publish REsource articles elsewhere. RISMedia retains the right to publish REsource video content elsewhere.

Duplicate Content
There is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. According to Google, there are some penalties that are related to the idea of having the same content as another site, for example, if you are scraping content from another site and republishing it, or if you republish content without adding any additional value.

Downloading or remote publishing REsource content enhances the value of your site’s current offerings and is not scraping content from our site. Google has thoroughly covered this subject in its Webmaster Central Blog. Read about duplicate content here.

REsource article and video content may not under any circumstances be resold or distributed for re-use by non-members of REsource.

The content license terms outlined herein from RISMedia’s REsource will remain in place for as long as you are a member in good standing and payments are received.

RISMedia reserves the right to amend these terms at any time, such amendments to take effect immediately following publication on the website. Your continued use of the website or the services constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the amended terms.

To use the Services, you must be a Member and eighteen (18) years and older. To become a Member, you must successfully complete the sign-up process established by RISMedia.

Each Member will be sent a welcome email with a username and password to use the services and to access specific portions of the website. The email entered during the sign-up process will be the address where the welcome email is sent. You may not disclose your password to any other party, or permit any other party to access the website or the services using your password in conjunction with your username.

Third Party Claims - In the event any claims are asserted by a third party in connection with the content, RISMedia will have the right in its sole discretion to immediately terminate the distribution of the same, and to take such other actions as it deems to be reasonably necessary in order to comply with applicable law or to enable RISMedia to avail itself of the "safe harbour" or other exculpatory provisions of applicable law, including without limitation laws relating to the infringement of proprietary rights.

These terms will be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut.

Termination by RISMedia
RISMedia may terminate the membership of a Member at any time without Notice, in the event of:

  1. the breach by the Member, of these terms;
  2. the violation of any policy (including without limitation a privacy policy) enacted by RISMedia, from time to time;
  3. the violation by the Member of any local, state or federal statute, including, without limitation, an act of dishonesty such as embezzlement or theft;
  4. conduct on the part of the Member that is detrimental to the business or the financial position of RISMedia, as determined in the sole discretion of RISMedia;
  5. conduct on the part of the Member or anyone for whom the Member is in law responsible which is of such a serious and substantial nature that, as determined in the sole discretion of RISMedia, it would injure the reputation of RISMedia or of the customers, clients, affiliates, agents, or employees of RISMedia; or

Termination by the Member
A Member may voluntarily cease to be a Member of REsource at any time by contacting REsource Customer Service.

Payment and Cancellation
Notwithstanding termination of a membership for any reason, the Member will remain liable to pay to RISMedia any sum due and owing hereunder, Upon membership cancellation or credit card denial, all use of content acquired via RISMedia's REsource must cease and desist, or be subject to continued credit card charges, cease and desist notifications, fees and/or legal action.

Content acquired from RISMedia's REsource is strictly licensed to paid subscribers and may not be distributed for reuse to non-members or used in any way other than outlined in these terms and conditions.

Selecting a content package level and clicking submit will result in the respective monthly or annual fee being charged to your credit card. To cancel your subscription contact RISMedia Customer Support.

Partial Refunds
Members who choose to downgrade their plan from a higher payment to a lower payment will be issued a partial refund under the following terms: - The original transaction of the higher payment was originally processed and successfully settled through the payment gateway. The payment gateway accepts Credits if the following conditions are met: - The transaction is submitted within 120 days of the settlement date of the original transactions.