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What Is REsource?

REsource comes to you from RISMedia, the name you know as leader in real estate news and information delivery to over a million industry professionals and consumers for decades. Today's discerning consumers want information on-demand and REsource offers a flexible, affordable turnkey platform for you to log on, get the content you need and get on with your busy day.

Daily Content Updates

Whether it's videos on critical home buyer and seller issues or compelling business development articles, you'll find compelling content refreshed daily and easily accessible with REsource's intuitive auto-populating search feature.

Robust Article Library

The REsource article library houses thousands of helpful and informative articles from RISMedia archives and is refreshed with new content on a daily basis. REsource's intuitive search feature will help you find exactly what you're looking for quickly. Download or "Remote Publish to Your Blog" using simple setup steps to get your message out quickly.

Extensive Video Library

Today it's all about video. With a simple click of your mouse, you can select from hundreds of RISMedia's powerful consumer-friendly real estate videos on just about any subject of importance to your sphere of influence.  RISMedia's REsource Video Content Library puts the power of today's most popular form of information-gathering in your hands for easy publishing to your website, blog or social media platforms.

Exclusive Content Tools

Want to enhance your existing web apps? REsource's API, may be right for you. Designed for tech-savvy members that are interested in embedding REsource content into their existing applications and websites, this exclusive content tool can be a powerful one for creating ongoing, fresh sources of content direct to your website. Download and localize or edit articles so that they are unique and include your local market information. Have a blog? REsource's Remote Publish feature is another easy way to publish content to your blog automatically. Or enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) value with unique tagline information about you, which appears with every article.
Use these turnkey tools and easy-to-set-up features to create a robust yet flexible, content-rich solution for your web article and video needs with RISMedia's REsource, the leading real estate content provider for more than 30 years.